Anti Aging Calming High Action Cream

Skin Type: Sensitive, rosacea-prone, dehydrated, visibly irritated; post-peel / post-operative
Anti Aging Calming High Action Cream - Daniel Tibel | Facial Spa De Larissa - Age in Reverse
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Formulated for sensitive, irritated and rosacea-prone skin, this gentle light-to-midweight moisturizer contains boswellia serrata extract, which inhibits the 5-lipoxygenase enzyme that leads to inflammation. Azulene helps reduce the appearance of redness while antioxidant vitamins A & E balance and protect the skin’s lipid barrier. Hyaluronic acid ensures that moisture levels remain high, further reducing sensitivity. An excellent calming crème to protect and soothe after skin resurfacing procedures. Note: also available as Unscented Azulene Moisture Creme for those with sensitivities to essential oils.

After cleansing and toning, apply a small amount to moist skin and massage in gently. Allow 2-4 minutes for complete absorption

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